Importance of immunity in health

a1There is a saying if wealth is lost something is lost but if health is lost everything is lost. Health is very important for every human being. Right from childhood children has to be taught the importance of health and they should be taught how to take care of their health at a very early age as early education will make them understand the importance and they will practice it even when they are old.a14

A healthy mind will lead to a healthy body and a healthy soul. A person has to be fit both physically and mentally to be a healthy person. To be physically healthy you have to keep yourself fit. Correct food, good exercise, fresh air, and tension free life is all important aspects of a healthy body.

a26You have to eat healthy and keep your body healthy. Junk food will increase your weight and that lead to lot of complications in future. Weight gain will lead you to obesity .obesity leads to lot of complications and it will degrade your health to a great extend.

Mental illness also leads to unhealthy body. A person also has to be mentally fit to keep himself healthy all through the life

Importance of health

a12Health is a very important factor. We should be aware of the importance of health in our life and always make sure that you should find out an answer for that. The fact is that people are worried about their health only when they face some serious health problems.a15

We can define a person to be healthy only if he is fit mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. According to world health organization a person who does not get diseases is not a healthy person, but a person who is fit emotionally and physically equally at the same time is called to be a healthy person in all true senses.

If a person has an emotional problem it is quite obvious that it causes physical problems to that person and gradually his health will degrade. Just like any health problems emotional problems also needs treatment if needed.a23

If you feel emotionally week you can try to share your issues to a friend or family, but in case things cannot be solved by a friend and if you feel you have become very week emotionally then it is always recommended to consult a doctor who can help you mentally.

Any physical illness can be treated with medicines and this modern generation has got lot of advancements in the medical field to help people and treat people.